Installation : 108

Plastic, Tapes, Thread, steel Bolts

7 meters long

Why 108 ?

Inspired and aroused by the Hindu mythology of saying god’s name 108 times, mala japna 108 times, I created this bigger than life size Mala with Factory made objects. It’s my reaction to Mass Production and Plastic mania.

It’s astrological, mathematical and mythological.

This Installation reflects our present society, a mishmash of traditions and contemporary modern culture. Electric wire tapes, gift wrap, colours symbolises our kisch culture.

I have used 27 x 4 number of plastic balls to make this mala. It tells us about our culture, about our consumeristic taste and ‘all that shines is good’ attitude.

UFO Unidentified Factory Object - Solo show

1 - 11 September 2011, Triveni art Gallery, DELHI Inde

Posant des questions sur ma religion, mes traditions et la culture Indienne, cet installation intérroge le colier 108.

Cette installation presenté comme un objet de consommation; de masse production et Factory- made- object.

« One O Eight »


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