Failing Prayers

Failing Prayers, dv , 3 min 17 sec,  color and sound,  2012

Edge of the roof of a room is the fixed frame of this video, a spiderweb in focus which was left for few months to grow.

The colourful threads which are used in a playful manner, according to the Indian tradition/ mythology are used to make prayers, wishes and promises in  sacred places like temples, monastries or trees (mother nature) or also can be tied on anyone’s wrist as a ‘bring-you-luck’  porte bonheur.

The idea was to create a clash or a shock with the minimal background and colourful threads. It was like a performance for me as I was the one who was throwing up the threads one by one, in order to create a visual balance and visual landscape.

Failing prayers is a provocative/ thought provoking title, as there is no sense of religion, mysticity or spirituality related to these threads and the spider-web. But all together they create a harmonious video along with the music. The title is suggesting a prayer, but what kind of prayer ? whose prayer we don’t know.

Again, object of everyday use is used in the video and in a game like situation.